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Europe Adrift on the Wine-Dark Sea, by Fatos Tarifa


Europe today faces a number of challenges. Its population is ageing and shrinking; its economy is static; its welfare state is unsustainable; and its relationship with the United States has soured. The bombings in Madrid and London, the French rioting, the assassinations in Holland, the French "non" and the Dutch "nee" to the European Constitution, the opposition towards Turkey's EU membership and the failed EU-3 negotiations with the Iranian theocracy seem to have shaken Europe to its foundations. In this collection of essays Fatos Tarifa identifies and analyzes these hugely important issues from the unique perspective of a social scientist who is also a diplomat. He argues that although Europe may not lack the ambition to play a strategic global role, it lacks the ability to project strength internationally. Tarifa's conclusion is that if Europe is to survive as a viable entity, it has no other choice but tie its future to the United States.

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