If Only the Dead Could Listen, by Gëzim Alpion

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Announcing the publication of If Only the Dead Could Listen, By Gëzim Alpion Globic Press (Chapel Hill, NC, USA), 2008, xx + 91 pp., pb US$19.95, £14.95, ISBN 978 0 9801896 1 2

alpion_iodcl_small_cover.jpg July 9, 2008 (Chapel Hill, NC, USA) – How do Albanian asylum seekers live in the United Kingdom? Some people in Britain would claim that asylum seekers and refugees live comfortably on the social services extended to them. If Only the Dead Could Listen, a shocking and politically incorrect new play by Dr Gëzim Alpion, disturbs that vision. The drama follows the saga of Leka, an asylum-seeker who finds himself entangled in the British legal system one day during a trip to Harrods.

Alpion’s second play If Only the Dead Could Listen has already disturbed British audiences with its black humor and tragedy. The public finds itself succumbing to emotional twists and turns as the main character’s emotions metamorphose through states of anger, patriotism, bereavement, aggression, and alienation. The play depicts experiences universally faced by refugees as they reluctantly uproot themselves from their homeland and find themselves taxed by personal and social trials in a foreign place.


Vengeance is Mine: Justice Albanian Style, by Fatos Tarifa


Owing to the unusual qualities attributed to revenge…social scientists have simply sidestepped the topic, leaving it in the hands of dramatists, fiction writers, psychoanalytic thinkers, theologians and moral philosophers. Prof. Fatos Tarifa brilliantly steps in to fill the open space and by doing so he makes important contributions that will sensitize other social scientists to the role that revenge plays in societies….Fatos Tarifa has stunningly clarified a paradoxical pattern in a relatively pure form that now requires further comparative study….In Vengeance is Mine Prof. Tarifa demonstrates that codified customary law (accepted as based on self-evident natural principles) was not only embraced by people living in very remote communities, these people themselves wrote that customary law….Tarifa has written an eloquent tribute to the peoples of northern Albania [and he] has extended to western readers a gracious invitation to learn more about [his country]. He is an exceptionally talented storyteller, and he has given us, the readers, a gracious narrative and the gift of a new discovery.

Prof. Judith Blau
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Albanian Journal of Politics: 2007


The Albanian Journal of Politics (AJP) is a peer reviewed academic publication of the Albanian Political Science Association (ALPSA). The purpose of the Journal is to provide a publication venue and an academic forum for the study of Albanian politics and society. AJP seeks to provide political insight on important problems as it emerges from rigorous, broad-based research and integrative thought. AJP is published by Globic Press on behalf of ALPSA. Volume III (2007) includes contributions from: Levis Zerpa, Stefan Weishaar, Jonida Milaj, Ridvan Peshkopia, Ermal Hasimja, Arben Xhaferi, Dionysia Tamvaki, Matilda Dahl and Elda Papa on subjects such as Albanian elections and political parties, institutional reforms, European Union enlargement process, religion, and rational choice applications in political science research.

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